This initiative was seen by the KSA monarchy as a threat to replace the Jeddah-headquartered OIC, which is under Saudi Arabia’s At a time of a grand contestation taking place between the two big powers of the Islamic world, Pakistan faces a choice between the KSA, which is expected to invest $20 billion in Pakistan as part of a memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries in February 2019, or join hands with Turkey, the KSA’s arch rival in the Muslim world. The civil servants are the permanent officials of the government, occupying a respected image in the Management of major crisis situations in the country and coordination of activities of the various Ministries in such situations are the functions of the The provincial governments tend to have the greatest influence over most Pakistan has a complex taxation system of more than 70 unique According to stipulations and directions of the Constitution, the Only 0.57% of Pakistanis, or 768,000 people out of a population of 190 million pay income tax. The Pakistani government is made up of three branches which are the executive, legislative and the judiciary. GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN MINISTRY OF INTERIOR Islamabad, the 1st February, 2019 CIRCULAR PUBLIC & OPTIONAL HOLIDAYS FOR THE YEAR-2019 The Public and Optional Holidays regarding Festivals of Muslims and Minorities Holidays for the Calendar Year- 2019 would be as under:- PUBLIC HOLIDAYS Dates during Year 2019 5th February, 2019 23rd March, 2019

The Cabinet, together with the Ministers of State, shall be collectively responsible to the Senate and the National Assembly. In the last year or so, Pakistan’s foreign policy has put itself in the cross hairs of the renewed rivalry between the KSA and Turkey.

Every Cabinet member is required to be a Member of Parliament (MP).The Pakistan judiciary comprises of the District Courts, Environmental courts, Sharia Courts, Provincial Courts and Anti-terrorism courts all under The Supreme Court. A trial had already started in Turkey that accused 20 KSA citizens in absentia; the KSA has declined to extradite them. The parliament is composed of two houses, namely the National Assembly, which is the lower house comprises of 342 members, 272 who are directly elected by the people and 70 seats reserved for religious minorities and women.

Although the KSA, officially, is a non-nuclear-weapons state, its public commitment hinges on whether or not its regional foe, Iran, acquires the nuclear bomb.

It is widely believed that nuclear-armed Pakistan may be one of the countries that will enable the KSA to acquire nuclear capability.Pakistan’s singular obsession with raising the Kashmir issue and the KSA’s desire to remain equidistant from the Indo-Pak rivalry seem to be the trigger behind Qureshi’s outburst. Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan, has lavished praise on the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and encouraged Pakistan’s State media to broadcast the famous Turkish show, The KSA-Turkey animosity has acquired topical salience in the last few years. The tensions had become more apparent after the killing of the Saudi journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, in the KSA’s Istanbul consulate in 2018. Turkey’s decision to deploy more troops in Qatar, which was facing a blockage from the KSA, exacerbated the tensions between the KSA and Turkey.
It has administrative areas called provinces and territories. The year 2019 brought new challenges for Pakistan and for UNDP's work in the country. In addition to this, an old agreement signed between Pakistan and the KSA for the provision of $3.2 billion worth of oil on deferred payments Given the manner in which the two countries have locked themselves in the last few decades, this was a rare instance of criticism of the KSA leadership. The Government of Pakistan (Urdu: حکومتِ پاکستان‎) abbreviated as GoP, is a federal government established by the Constitution of Pakistan as a constituted governing authority of the four provinces two autonomous territories and one federal territory of a parliamentary democratic republic, constitutionally called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The KSA, along with the US, provided funds to Pakistan’s military to train and arm the The relationship has other aspects. The loan to Pakistan was at an interest rate of 3.2 per cent. In July 2020, Erdogan visited Qatar to further cement the strategic relationship between the two countries. The facts presented by the Turkish authorities hinted at the direct involvement of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in the killing. The Federal Government is Subject to the Constitution. According to the International Development Committee, in 2013 Pakistan had a lower-than-average tax take.

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