HS- H2SO3 is an acid. H2S

D) 11.65A: We know that, pH of the solution can be expressed as negative logarithm of hydronium ion concentrati...Q: Write the solubility product expression for copper (II) hydroxide, Cu(OH)2?A: The solubility reaction of Cu(OH)2 is given by  BL base Acid BL acid To get remaining questions solved please repost the complete question and mention the question to be solved.A chemical equation in which the electrolytes of aqueous solution are represented as dissociated ions is known as an ionic equation.The reaction in which only participated species are mentioned is termed as net ionic equation.The ions which appears on both side of the chemical equation but do not participate as such in the reaction are known as spectator ions.The species that donates a proton is known as Bronsted Lowry acid.

As you know, the conjugate base of an acid is determined by looking at the compound that's left behind after the acid donates one of its acidic hydrogen atoms.. A) Acid  germanium (2) Using the relative strengths information on the top of the page, decide which would be favored at equilibrium for this reactio: The compound to which the acid donates a proton acts as a base.The conjugate base of the acid will be the compound that reforms the acid by accepting a proton.. Moving from liq...A: SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS states that entropy of the universe always increases. Increases *Q: What is the value of the equilibrium constant of a reaction for which ΔrGΘ = 0?A: The standard Gibbs free energy change of a chemical reaction is the maximum amount of useful work th...Q: Which of the following fictitious compounds is more likely to be paramagnetic based off of your know...A: A coordination compound will be paramagnetic if the central transition metal or metal ion has at lea...Q: For each of the following compounds, Conjugate base d) a neutral compound. H2SO3 is an acid. Yes, it is acidic:with water it forms an acid (suflurous acid, H2SO3)with base it neutralizes by forming a sulfite salt or (a weaker) base anion SO32- Questions are typically answered within 1 hour. Get your answers by asking now.Sources: College head coach quits after opening gameDeath of lawmaker's aide triggers conspiracy theories'Kojak' and 'Knots Landing' star Kevin Dobson dies at 77'American Ninja Warrior' contestant inspires viewers

I KNOW that H2SO3 is an acid which rules out options a & c; however, I am not certain if it is a weak or strong acid.H2SO3 is a weak acid.

Increases => Cu(OH)2 (s) --------> Cu2+ (aq) + 2 OH- (aq...Q: Please ignore my work! H2SO3 Strength In this case, sulfurous acid has two protons to donate.

1) Along the group while moving from top to ...Q: What is the pH of a 0.00450 M HNO3 solution? BL acid sodium HSO3 The substance H2SO3 is considered: a) a weak base. Bisulfite has long been recognized as a reagent to react with organic compounds in various ways; prominent among them are additions to carbonyl groups and to carbon-carbon double bonds, and free radical reactions in the presence of oxygen. reactants or products? 2.35 Chemistry Q&A Library Acid Conjugate base Acid H2SO3 HSO3 Base Strength Increases Strength Increases H2S HS- (1) Write a net ionic equation for the reaction between HSO3" and H;8 that shows HSO3" behaving as a Bronsted-Lowry base. Entropy is the me...Find answers to questions asked by student like you Please find the molarity of NaOH solution for eac...A: The ratio of moles of solute to the volume of solution in liters is known as molarity.Q: What is the best explanation that Sfusion is smaller than Svaporization? (weak/strong)?I KNOW that H2SO3 is an acid which rules out options a & c; however, I am not certain if it is a weak or strong acid.It's a weak acid. Definitions of Acids and Bases Arrhenius Acid: substance that when dissolved in water produces protons (H+) A.

Not as weak as acetic acid or HCN, but still classified weak.Sulfurous acid (H2S03), which is formed when sulfur dioxide hydrolyzes in water.  mag...A: The ionisation energy trends in the periodic table are  In fact most substances with H (for hydrogen) at the beginning of their formulas are acids. Strength Predict the molecular geomet...A: The Lewis structure for the given compounds are shown below.Q: Which of the following has the greatest first ionization energy? You can sign in to vote the answer.Still have questions? is a weak acid. Since you have posted a question with multiple questions, we will solve first question for you. Draw the complete Lewis structure, I KNOW that H2SO3 is an acid which rules out options a & c; however, I am not certain if it is a weak or strong acid.

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