Q: Which of your former crew members do you still keep in contact with?wow is all I can say…. In my opinion the chief stew had decided she didn’t like me prior to ever getting to know me.I was there to cook for the guests.

As for Leon, protect your Instagram account and keep doing interviews. A man with a lot of accents: While he was on the show, one of the things that the head stew Kate often mentioned that his accent doesn’t sound like a typical Chi-town accent.

The day I left was an interesting one. And then he WALKED OUT in the middle of the day and “demanded” to leave. Tell your side of the story.I’ve seen dirty ovens before and it takes a hell of a lot of heat to start a fire. On Tuesday night's episode of Below Deck, the Bravo reality show that features the crew of a chartered yacht, viewers noticed something disturbing.One … The real drama came almost immediately after the 2013 reunion Sam Orme got into a real fight with Derek Baranowski and broke up with them calling each other every name in the book on social media.

That leads me to wonder what Leon Walker is doing in the middle of the ocean cooking for rich boat owners when he could be, you know, running his actual business.If there is one thing that he’s said time and time again, it’s that he’s always had a love of cooking. Perhaps he was raised in New Jersey or Wyoming and his parents are from Jamaica and the UK; we don’t know. Check out an exclusive statement from him below. So, let’s start by telling you all the things you did not know about Leon Walker, new reality television star.There is nothing wrong with being a chef on a boat, but it takes a good one to do a job like this. The editing of the show managed to put the spotlight on the negative interaction during the show.Q: Now, please clear this up for all of us… The @StarChefLeon account on Twitter is NOT you… right? Literacy is one of the most important educational tools imaginable. And then he WALKED OUT in the middle of the day and “demanded” to leave. Almost certain he said it on the show but I may be wrong!I’m terrible with accents because I thought he was Australian.The north eastern english is hard to place if you're not from there. In my opinion the chief stew had decided she didn’t like me prior to ever getting to know me.I was there to cook for the guests. Q: Kate seemed to complain throughout the ENTIRE season (even when you left) about your decision to make beef cheeks all the time. Lee told them to fix it, Kate tried to fix it, Leon would not even try.

So as far as I’m concerned , my job is done. I believe every word he said and he likely held back because Bravo and their companies producing this likely makes every casting call winner them sign confidentially agreements.

I have traveled all over the world cooking and meeting people from different countries . If guests request a meal, it is brought to the chef’s attention.

At no time did a guest complain about the beef cheeks . Not to impress the chief stew. What you can hate about the person responsible for cooking your food every single day is beyond me.

What do you think the reason was?At the beginning of the Charter I didn’t have a problem with the chief-stew but as time went on it became very evident that we were there for different reasons and saw the world in different light.

Chef Ben Robinson is accomplished on both land and sea. @realmrhousewife on instagram Exclusive Interview! All we know is that the people in the ship on which he works should walk out because most single people aren’t happy being single.All right, some people might assume he likes the ladies because of this one but I still cannot confirm. However, we have no idea how that works. Well, here we are again.

Q: Kate seemed to complain throughout the ENTIRE season (even when you left) about your decision to make beef cheeks all the time. Before Fame. Leon Walker is up for the job, though, so we assume he’s going to make it work.Lauren has been covering gossip for over a decade and she never tires of the latest stories.

finding more shit out about Bravo day by day.. so these reality stars don’t need to even make a twitter account,, it’s done for them, I knew it wasn’t really capt lee on twitter,, he would have no life the way he is always on twitter… plus how are these people at different places at the same time..Bravo just assumes everyone is an idiot,, well I used to be one of them idiots myself, but not anymore,, GREAT INTERVIEW!!

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