"That plays out in some industries where the recommended amount of fertiliser is exceeded, and you get exponential loss of nitrogen. "This also happens when manure gets overapplied to crop land. "So there's this threshold [of fertiliser use], and past that amount — which is well above and beyond what plants need — we find an exponential growth in nitrous oxide emissions. Nitrous oxide has an atmospheric lifetime of 110 years. These gases form the insulation that keeps the planet warm enough to support life. The device exploits N 2 O’s ability to absorb infrared radiation—the same property that makes it a powerful greenhouse gas. About two-thirds of U.S. nitrous oxide emissions from energy use can be traced to mobile sources—primarily, passenger cars and light trucks as well as other motor vehicles (Nitrous oxide emissions from stationary combustion sources result predominantly from the burning of coal at electric power plants (8 MMTCOThe large decline in nitrous oxide emissions from industrial processes since 1996 (Figure 25) is a result of the installation of emissions control technology at three of the four adipic acid plants operating in the United States before 2006 and the closing in 2006 of the only U.S. adipic acid plant without emission control technology.

This document is subject to copyright. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) warm the Earth by absorbing energy and slowing the rate at which the energy escapes to space; they act like a blanket insulating the Earth. I thought I had made some little error," said Jordan Wilkerson, a graduate student who first discovered the nitrous oxide. "The study covered about 120 square miles and only during the month of August. However, the emission rate of grassland N 2 O and underlying mechanisms remained unclear under different grazing intensities. So nitrous oxide is not only a greenhouse gas… But it's not the only problem.Other pollutants are rapidly warming our climate, too, sending scientists on a race to understand their implications before it's too late. This rise is strongly linked to an increase in nitrogen substrates released to the environment. "When you exceed the [plant] system's capacity to use that nitrogen fertiliser, the efficiency goes out the window, and the nitrogen can leak out of the cycle," Professor Eckard said. "Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Asia and South America, where fertilizer use, intensification of livestock production, and the resulting nitrous oxide emissions are growing rapidly. Nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Nitrogen oxide pollution is emitted from vehicle exhaust, and the burning of coal, oil, diesel fuel, and natural gas , especially from electric power plants. Furthermore, nitrous oxide (N 2 O) is a major greenhouse gas that also depletes stratospheric ozone. Nitrous oxide is also emitted when fuels are burned, though how much depends on what type of fuel, and which combustion technology is used. "Professor Eckard said he was pleased that this global analysis had picked up what was already known on a smaller scale.

Since the mid-20th century, the production of nitrogen fertilizers, widespread cultivation of nitrogen-fixing crops (such as clover, soybeans, alfalfa, lupins, and peanuts), and the combustion of fossil and biofuels has increased enormously the availability of nitrogen substrates in the environment. "The single, most important source of nitrous oxide is agriculture," he said.In agriculture, nitrogen is added to the system in the form of fertiliser, but if you use more fertiliser than the crop needs, the excess nitrogen leaks from the system as ammonia or nitrous oxide, or as The fact that nitrous oxide emissions are increasing faster than we thought is not surprising to scientist Peter Grace from the Queensland University of Technology, who previously coordinated the nitrous oxide program in Australia and was not involved in this study. In the case of nitrous oxide emissions, DuPont and its global competitors, alarmed by N 2 O's potency as a greenhouse gas, joined forces almost …

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