Bools on the Ogham alphabet and the use of Ogham for divination. There are 20 original letters in the Ogham alphabet, and five more that were added later on. For the curious, I am posting the Fionn’s Window diagram below: The Ogham resurfaced in Robert Graves’ early twentieth century classic, Because I’ve had a harder time connecting with the Ogham than other symbol systems, I developed an Ogham card deck with the training-wheels still on it, which I call As always, the last page of this PDF includes a card-back design, so when you print them out, skip the last page if you want to substitute your own design on these cards.So let’s look at each individual Ogham few. Start by marking “Book of Ogham” as Want to Read: Your choice of past-present-future or you now-challenge you face-best outcome spread, and note the answers you get.Do the Runic Cross lay-out, either for yourself or another subject, and note the answers you get.Do the Five-Card lay-out illustrated above, either for yourself or another subject, and note the answers you get. In the meanings, he gives both the upright and reversed meanings of each symbol in his set, which I haven’t seen anywhere else. mythology ruling this 1,500-year-old oracle. It offers a whole world of Druid lore and experiential Celtic spirituality that helps the reader find objective truths concealed deep within, and discover the inner self's relationship to and interactions with the world oThis book presents the complete and authentic system of divination based on the letters of the Celtic ogham alphabet (commonly designated by tree names). When you click on the links here you will be taken to other websites A New Approach to Ogham Reading I am passionately interested in the Celtic ogham characters and their use in divination, and have written three books on the subject:  The Book of Ogham, The Ogham Roads, and the booklet How to Read Ogham, which was written under the pen name Orry Whitehand. Ogham divination confusion! Published It gives a little history and folklore about the Ogham and the Druids, covers the meanings of the each Ogham card, and finishes with a section on how to read with them. He includes a pronunciation guide at the back of the book for those tongue-twisting Gaelic names, which I like. Each Ogham letter, called a While it cannot be definitively-proved the ancient Druids used the Ogham for divination, the ninth-century Irish epic, Two of the earliest-printed mentions of the Ogham alphabet appears in Irish monastic works: Included in the book were several diagrams using the Ogham fews, but the purpose of these diagrams is a mystery. If you have any questions about your

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Named for Ogma or Ogmos, the Celtic god of eloquence and literacy, the Ogham alphabet is a tool of divination for many Pagans.

The oldest stones with Ogham carvings date from around 300 to 700 C.E. ogam into ritual, discussions of how ogam relates to Celtic Reconstructionist This book presents the complete and authentic system of divination based on the letters of the Celtic ogham alphabet (commonly designated by tree names).

Be the first to ask a question about Book of Ogham To create our lis...This book presents the complete and authentic system of divination based on the letters of the Celtic ogham alphabet (commonly designated by tree names). Graves proposed that the ogham alphabet encoded a set of beliefs originating in the Middle East in Stone Agetimes, concerning the ceremonies surrounding the worship of the Moon goddess in her various forms. … Explains each letter in Start by marking “Book of Ogham” as Want to Read: make your own Ogam divination sticks, cast the oracle, and perceive omens. Or its variation, the ‘you now-challenge you face-best outcome if you meet that challenge’, is another three-card layout you can use with the Ogham. January 1st 1992 According to the Highland Society of Scotland's Dictionary of the Gaelic Language (1828 CE), Ogham is the "occult" manner of writing used by the ancient Irish. It was a bit dry. I’m glad you find my site helpful!Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Imaging/intuitive divination, such as smoke divinationYou’re either psychic or become so, using these methodsReadings I do for current events, when the mood strikes me.The Ogham alphabet was created and used by the Celts. (it is from the … This site came into being as the result of one question: if I was going to design a divination curriculum, how would I do it? For those who want to take a more traditional approach to the use of the Ogham, this boxed set may be your cup of tea.This book covers only the twenty original Ogham fews. (All three titles are available from Amazon.) alphabet of the Druids. It's a complete introduction to the oghamic tradition.It is a good book. Visit Electric Celt for … Though an old alphabet, there is no physical evidence it pre-dates Christianity. Are there any other lay-outs, such as the Celtic Cross layout, you would want to try with the Ogham? Ogham is a divination system based on Gaelic letters which date back 1000 years, perhaps more. We’ve got you covered with the buzziest new releases of the day. We’d love your help. It is useful for it's topic area. I feel these patterns are in deep harmony with Celtic and other Western traditions -- as well as recreated or newly created ideas to fill in the gaps or extend into new territory. Paganism, and instructions for creating your own set of ogam feda or Instead, there’s an issue about which they have a nameless, formless concern, and into which they desperately need some insight, or a new perspective. I’ve laid out a set of Ogham symbols in the pattern of ‘Fionn’s Window’, hoping to glean some insight into this mysterious alphabet, but alas, the deeper mysteries of this divination system elude me. Retired librarian and part-time diviner. However, it is much more than that as well. It's one of those strange Gaelic things! Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of Like other works of Edred Thorson, "The Book of Ogham" makes great usage of useful patterns in addition to smaller scale precision and larger scale organization.

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