Beautiful and perfect scene.The beacon in Sopranos reminds me of the light in the case in Pulp Fiction.Hahaha that’s a great comparison. The scenes with his family dealing with the situation are drawn out and take the center stage, taking space from the mob’s story line, which is much more interesting. I think it’s in Newport Beach and if I’m not mistaken Costa Mesa and Newport share a border?Very interesting take on Costa Mesa, Decristo.. As he is walking down the stairs, he slips and falls; when brought to an emergency room, the doctor tells Tony that aside from having a minor concussion, his CT scan shows some dark spots on his brain, which indicate lack of oxygen. I understand it better now, and in retrospect, I guess it would be confusing if you were shot and then suddenly waking up in a strange place without identity is probably how purgatory would feel. Chase’s calculated misdirection and customary use of ambiguity puts us further off-kilter. During Eugene's funeral, an impromptu meeting of the DiMeo family is held and Silvio assumes Tony's responsibilities as acting boss. (I still love your writings Ron, great job)My theory is that the Finnerty persona is Tony’s hell persona, while “coma Tony” is his heaven persona.Ok, so there are 3 Tony personalities we can compare (counting Kevin as the third):So the whole subplot of Tony in a coma trying to find his identity is basically Tony’s soul fighting to get into heaven, or at least his subconscious struggling to stay alive. Wondering at themselves at how they could be so wonderful The masters with their praetors their traitors their raiders With the straw of misery rotting in the steel of cannons.Our nada who art in nada, nada be thy name. Mob stories seem to be disproportionately obsessed with … What seems to clinch it for me is that the real world manages to poke through. He feigns interest in the environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius when what he Meadow, in sharp contrast to her cold-blooded brother, is maturing into a warm, humane young woman.

Carney is reaching and projecting her own political views.Hmm “hate” is too strong a word. I assume that’s why he didn’t use that to dial 911. I thought that was by default.Do you think that the dementia diagnosis, which leads him to question and eventually lose his identity, could be a link to Corrado and how his dementia contributed to Tony potentially lose life?Apologies in advance, Ron, as this isn’t the right threads, but have you been listening/discussing the imperioli, schirippa podcast? I echo a few other comments – definitely thought Finnerty’s wife was the voice of Charmaine Bucco. episode cast Edit. Oh…God…” Yet he utters “God” as the beginning of “God Damn It!” as he pounds the wall to quiet the Paulie-voice. When J.T. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And, even if I am way off base, it still makes for more engaged viewing.

Directed By David Nutter. Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Jennifer Melfi *. (“…he stretched out his arms toward the dark water in a curious way, and, far as I was from him, I could have sworn he was trembling. He comforts Carmella and Meadow, delivers Tony the CD player…he would’ve known Tony brought Livia a CD player in the Pilot; he drove Tony to Livia’s to drop it off.Don’t take this the wrong way, because I think you made some interesting observations connecting this episode to the pilot in some of your earlier posts, but I think you may be overreaching a bit here.Hi sonicbluesea, thanks for your comment! (Kevin Finnerty!!) I don’t know of course if Chase was specifically thinking of that particular metaphor, but I do believe that Buddhism makes its way into the series. We only see Meadow recite the first three lines to her dad. Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti. mysterious place that Tony finds himself wandering through. Maybe that’s why Tony Soprano’s visit to Purgatory speaks to me so much. He fakes a stomach flu to avoid his familial responsibilities.

The next morning, the hotel elevator is out of order, so Tony takes the stairs. Also, a Buddhist would not be in an eternal heaven, hell, or even purgatory, according to their faith. Also, I think Vito’s flatulence is to let us know that his vegetable diet is making him gassy, and also how crass he is. She refers to him by name, although it happens real quick and it’s easy to miss.I take that back, Carmela does not refer to Dr. Ba by name in that scene.

Where am I going?" ", followed by the Cross. Tony says that he must have unintentionally picked up these items the previous evening at a bar across the street from his hotel. Arguably no character personifies this descent into darkness as AJ does. I mean, who am I? He returns to the bar, where a group of business travelers overhear him telling his story to the bartender (when asked what Costa Mesa is like, the bartender replies, "Around here, it's dead"). !I think I finally found something you all missed! It’s interesting how big this question has become among Sopranos fans…I always thought it was Charmaine Bucco. Ba is the doctor that gives Carmela the upsetting news, right before she breaks down and Christopher holds her. I never read Dante’s Inferno but was just looking at the Wikipedia page, specifically the 7th Circle, which you mentioned. But we will hear more about it. I felt like such a dope. I could buy that hell for people like Tony would be this “mundane” environment and not really comprehending it or being lost in it. Nevertheless, the idea of Purgatory fits in nicely with the idea that Tony is here to “purge” the many sins that are on his existential rap sheet.

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