"Chatting to Price days later over a glass of red, steak and chips and a salad he doesn't touch (his personal trainer won't be pleased), Price reviews the call, agreeing that while the alleged "bashing" incident was more complex than it first appeared, it was demonstrative of a perfect talkback moment.

"All talkback is ... is voters on the other end of the line expressing their opinion and raising issues which concern them," says Price, who proves to be good company when you get used to his sunless tone, which makes you think you're irritating him. By the time he moved to Melbourne's The Herald he had already established a reputation as a tenacious reporter with great news sense.

Twenty minutes later, at 7.50am, the situation improves markedly. In addition, he makes $0 as Chief Human Resource Officer at Dell Technologies.

We break stories using old-fashioned journalism, asking the right questions, pursuing the leads. Since his alarm goes off at 3am it means only a five-minute commute. Steve Price earnings for the year have yet to be determined, but he is likely to see an increase in pay, similar to that of 2019. In a city of four million people, no matter who you are or how hard you work, you don't know all the things out there that concern people. But, unlike any before him in Melbourne, he coupled this with strong opinions and an aggressive, confrontational - some would say arrogant - style, with Price more than willing to question the ability of politicians and describe people, including callers, as "clowns", "idiots" and "brain-dead morons". The move was a catalyst for change in both the Sydney and Melbourne radio markets.With Price lured north, his spot on 3AW was filled by multi-media personality, and one-time 2UE broadcaster, Stan Zemanek.

Presenters and journalists such as John Hindle, Murray Nicoll and Ian McMinn were some to be released by Price as he restructured the struggling station in his early years.

"Kennett's legacy as Premier will be more a hindrance than a help says Price, who claims to like Kennett despite frequent run-ins during Kennett's time as Premier. As most Sydneysiders reluctantly shake sleep from their heads or marshal children into scuffed school shoes or crawl to work, mullet-faced in hot, snaking queues of steel, a caller from western Sydney tells Price he witnessed an assault the previous night on a platform at Richmond Station: three men bashing one as two security guards stood by. Some wonder, however, if he'll be able to maintain those views at 2UE. "Every minute in bed is precious. Moreover, at the same time, he'd led the station to consistent ratings wins on the drive slot he hosted, with trademark aggression, for the past six years.Against the background of this success the 47-year-old is engaged in a fierce ratings battle with Jones, 60, who moved to struggling 2GB. He is 46 years old and is a Pisces. "If I went on air and started spouting views that were completely different to what I held in Melbourne, it's only a matter of time before I was found out. Steve Price net worth: Steve Price is an Australian journalist and radio broadcaster who has a net worth of $2 million. Here you can read Steve Harvey’s financial details that how much is his income package, which also includes Steve Harvey’s salary in 2020 net worth and how much is his per year earning. "If anything," says Mayne, who has felt the sting of Price's litigiousness, "he was out of place in Melbourne. "When the rodent went to Sydney," says Kennett, referring oh so matter-of-factly to Price in a mellifluous voice to rival that of Sydney's John "golden tonsils" Laws, "it created opportunities down here and we thought we should see if we could capitalise on it.

"Here, there's so much more to do," he says. My approach to my job is pretty simple: I just put my head down and everything else up and work. That's good radio." No-one is ever going to die wondering what I'm thinking. We are in the process of reviewing Steve’s salary, so check back soon. ""What really irritates me is that people writing about radio are obsessed by the bulls***, not achievement. Price resigned from his morning show after failing to come to terms for a new contract, rejecting management's proposal to cut his $800,000 annual salary by an estimated 30 per cent.

He was born in 1970s, in the middle of Generation X, and in the Year of the Tiger. As to why Sydney hasn't embraced rugby league with the same fervour Melbourne has AFL, he offers an answer which suggests this leopard is already changing his spots.

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